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Happy Geography Awareness Week!

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by Eva Holland Nov 18, 2008

A little bird over at National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel Blog tells me that this week is Geography Awareness Week.

This excites me, because I’m a big fan of geography. I was a pub quiz regular back in my wild youth, and I’m not too modest to tell you that I won a few gift certificates in my day.

To celebrate, I’ve pulled together a few of my favourites from the vast number of online travel/geography quizzes out there.

Give them a try! And hey, let us know how you did in the comments.

How Many Countries Can You Name in Five Minutes? tests both your knowledge and your typing skills. [Via Vagabondish]

TravelPod’s Traveler IQ Challenge offers a whole range of quizzes, with escalating levels of difficulty. How Well Do You Know Your World? is the classic, but World Capitals and UNESCO Sites are both fun, too.

Finally, over at Gadling Aaron Hotfelder has an ongoing Tuesday Travel Trivia game – here’s today’s installment, but check out the archives to see how you fare with them, too.

Have fun! Happy Geography Awareness Week!

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