Introducing the MatadorU Travel Filmmaking Program

by David Miller May 10, 2012
MatadorU launches a dynamic program for travelers and aspiring travel filmmakers.

SOME PRETTY BIG STOKE right now at Matador: behind the scenes over the last year we’ve been planning and producing the third curriculum of Matador’s education community, MatadorU. The MatadorU travel filmmaking program is now live.

As Ian MacKenzie, head of Matador Productions, said of the program, “You will learn one of the most important skills of the coming century: how to be a powerful visual storyteller.”

The MatadorU Travel Filmmaking curriculum covers equipment, shooting techniques, editing, audio, plus the business side — everything from building a Web presence to finding market opportunities as a freelance filmmaker.

Key curriculum areas include:

  • History and evolution of travel filmmaking
  • Camera types and formats
  • How to shoot like a pro
  • Image composition, lighting, and filters
  • How to capture sound
  • Editing and post-processing
  • Travel filmmaking genres and markets
  • Building and keeping an audience
  • How to launch your career and live the dream

But more than any one subject area covered, the program as a whole is all about getting you thinking about storytelling, about how you can realize your original vision for travel video.

*For more information, or to enroll, please check MatadorU’s Travel Filmmaking program.

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