#MatUTalks: Next Twitter Chat Aug 14 on the Topic of "Home"

by Carlo Alcos Aug 4, 2014

FOR MANY people who’ve traveled extensively and/or lived abroad, home can be a tenuous subject. It’s easy to lose a sense of it when you’re constantly on the go or have changed addresses six times in two years. I left my “home” of Vancouver when I was 31 and after longterm traveling in Europe and SE Asia, then living in Australia, I sensed it was no longer my home. When I returned in 2010 for the Olympics as soon as I stepped foot in the city I knew it was not home anymore. Even after moving to Nelson, BC four years ago — which is where I call home nowadays — it took me a long time to settle in and plant some solid roots.

Not having a place to call home can feel unsettling, but it can also be very exciting. This month we’re exploring this topic in our next #MatUTalks Twitter chat on Thursday August 14 at 2:30 EST.

We will also be giving away a few copies of Images of America: Keweenaw County, a photo book authored by MatadorU student Jennifer Billock. The book topped the best-sellers list in June for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and reached #6 for the entire state. During the chat we will randomly draw from participants.

To participate in the chat, follow MatadorU on Twitter and use the hashtag #MatUTalks to find and respond to the questions.

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