#CloudPorn, #ShadowSelfie, #PlaneSpotting – Hashtags increasingly define photo styles.

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INSTAGRAM IS CHOCK-FULL of great travel photos. Even to the extent that there’s so much that it can be hard to know exactly where to start. There are a number of great hashtags to start following, but my new personal favorite is #CloudPorn. It’s exactly what it sounds like: amazing photos featuring amazing clouds. Check it out:


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#swanage #sunset #skyporn #cloudporn #planetrails #jurassiccoast #dorset #onasunnyday

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h/t: New York Times. Also, just a head’s up: Instagram has a pretty strict adult content policy, but this hashtagdoes have the word “porn” in it, and that means there’s a chance you might see some adult stuff that’s slipped under Instagram’s radar.