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Obama Just Passed a Resolution Banning These Racial Terms From All Federal Laws

United States Activism
by Amanda Machado May 31, 2016

PRESIDENT OBAMA SIGNED BILL H.R.4238 that takes these racially offensive words out of all federal laws: “negro,” “oriental,” “Indian,” “Eskimo,” among others. The bill was sponsored by Congresswoman Grace Meng who is Chinese-American and from Queens, New York. It was co-sponsored by all 51 members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.

In the last few years, the country’s taken down confederate flags, argued the naming of historic buildings after white supremacist leaders, and placed the first black woman on the $20 bill. This bill follows the hopeful pattern of the United States finally taking action toward making amends for its past.

Read the full article on the bill in The Root here.

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