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Selfie Deaths Are Now More Common Than Shark Attacks

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Photo: lzf/Shutterstock
Cathy Brown
Feb 24, 2016

SO FAR THIS YEAR, there’s been more people who’ve died while taking a selfie than have died by shark attack. Selfies: 12. Sharks: 8.

In January, three guys were run over by a train in India after posing on the tracks for a pic, and an Australian student fell to her death in February while trying to take a selfie on the edge of Norway’s Trolltunga rock, 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. Five people have even been gored by bison just in the past four months alone while trying to pose for a selfie with the animals, prompting Yellowstone National Park to issue official warnings regarding selfies to its visitors.

Falling is the biggest cause of selfie-related death so far in 2016, followed by people being hit by moving vehicles while posing.

So let’s remember, selfie-lovers: if your last pic is you being gored by a wild animal or being hit by a speeding train, that does not make you seem cool. It makes you look like a dumbass. So selfie with caution.

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