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Study Finds: Less Than 3% of Americans Are Worth Dating

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by Amanda Machado Feb 16, 2016

When you’re single, the dating pool always looks weak. But Business Insider recently discovered just how weak it actually is.

They used information from the Minnesota Population Center’s 2014 American Community Survey IPUMS (ACS), a project by the Census Bureau that uses a sample size of around 1% of Americans for social, demographic, economic, and housing information.

To find those “worth dating,” Business Insider filtered through the survey to count only people who met this criteria:

  • Single
  • Between the ages of 18 and 40
  • Doesn’t live with their parents
  • Has at least a college education
  • Doesn’t live in group housing (like a college dorm)
  • Has a job

The result? Around 6.7 million Americans satisfied the criteria, or around 2.7% of American adults.

It’s really as bad as we thought.

See the full article here.

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