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Sunshine Guaranteed - or Your Money Back

by Eva Holland May 9, 2009
As anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the travel industry knows, many tourism boards and major travel companies are scrambling to keep people vacationing during the economic downturn — and some of them are getting creative.

Witness the latest campaign from the Barbados tourism authority: The Barbados Perfect Weather Guarantee.

Yup, from May through December, Barbados promises “perfect” weather — defined, specifically, as 78 degrees or higher and less than a quarter inch of rainfall — every day.

If the temperature drops and the skies open up, the tourism authority will cough up a $100 refund for each day of imperfection.

Ingenious move? Marketing gimmick? A bit of both?

Either way, it’s certainly an attention-getting offer.

What do you think? Would a perfect-weather guarantee have you booking a flight? What do you think the tourism industry can do to keep travelers on the road during the recession?

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