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11 Commandments for Dating a Girl From the North Pole

by Cassandra Toth Nov 1, 2017

1. Thou shalt love the outdoors.

Growing up in the North Pole with so much wilderness around she loves to go hiking, snowboarding, ATVing, snow machining and camping. Be ready to explore the wilderness with no complaints.

2. Thou shalt know how to fillet a fish.

With so many lakes and the river running through town a short drive away she grew up fishing and is well versed in gutting and filleting a fish, take note and learn or let her do it.

3. Thou shalt take her to a hockey game.

Her sport of choice is hockey and she probably went to UAF, Go Nanooks! She doesn’t have any professional football, baseball or basketball teams the closest team is the Seattle Seahawks and you will find Seahawks clothing is the local stores. She will thoroughly enjoy a hockey game and yell with the best of them!

4. Thou shalt appreciate how tough she is.

Alaskan girls are tough. She survives -50 degree winters, snow for 9 months of the year and hunts her own food. She may proudly display her toughness on vehicles and clothes. Speaking of vehicles…she owns a big truck with a stick.

5. Thou shalt be ready for witty remarks.

College tuition at UAF is the most affordable in the Nation, North Pole women are well educated and know how to talk back, be ready for a debate of wits.

6. Thou shalt not ask her if she has seen a moose or live in an igloo or any other “Alaska” question.

Of course, she has seen a moose and really an igloo? Where did you get your education because it was not in Alaska? These questions are common from tourists. She expects someone she dates to do a little research.

7. Thou shalt take her shopping.

While she enjoys the outdoors thoroughly, stores are hard to find so a shopping trip to Target is a must…at least once a year. And don’t even get her started on Ikea, plan to spend a day there especially if she has never been. Bonus points if you introduce her to Ikea!

8. Thou shalt know how to drive in snow and ice.

Growing up driving on snow and ice 9 months out of the year is just second nature. Don’t assume she can’t drive because she is a woman; odds are she drives better than you.

9. Thou shalt not wear “fancy” clothes.

Dress in North Pole is casual. Jeans, a flannel shirt, and a North Face fleece will do for a date night. Dressing for cold weather limits the ability to wear cute heels and skirts so jeans and boots are our go to. Dress to match.

10. Thou shalt know there are many fish in the sea.

North Pole is surrounded by two military bases, lakes and wilderness which means lots and lots of guys flock here “the odds are good but the goods are odd” so please don’t be an odd.

11. Thou shalt never buy salmon at the store for dinner.

With fresh wild salmon available in the river, pre-packaged months old farm raised just isn’t comparable. Catch dinner and cook it.

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