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11 Things Brazilians Can Be Proud Of

by Guilherme Ribeiro Jul 14, 2017

1. Our multiculturalism

Yes, we have had an ugly history of slavery, but nowadays the African culture is very much part of the Brazilian people. If you add to the mix the indigenous Brazilian people, and the European and Japanese immigration, you understand why people say anyone in the world could be Brazilian.

2. Soccer

Soccer is very much part of the Brazilian culture, so it’s no surprise that we’re the most successful country in the world with five FIFA World Cup titles. And, if you check any international team that’s doing well, there’s probably one or two Brazilians in the team.

3. Our natural environment

Amazing beaches? Check. Stunning mountains? Check. Full-on jungle packed with boa constrictors, tarantulas, and river dolphins? Check. We even have the largest urban rainforest in the world in the middle of Rio de Janeiro.

4. Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro is Brazilian chocolate goodness. You just need butter, condensed milk, chocolate granules, and cocoa powder to create these mini chocolate balls. There’s nothing like inviting your friends over, making a big batch of brigadeiro, and overdosing on sugar.

5. Our resilience

Life in Brazil is not easy. We usually say that you have to “matar um leão por dia pra sobreviver” (“kill one lion per day to survive”). Still, despite all the hardships, we try to make the most of our lives.

6. Santos-Dumont

If you’ve ever traveled by plane, you should thank Alberto Santos-Dumont, the father of aviation. He was the first man to ever fly a plane (the curious looking 14-bis) and he was Brazilian.

7. Churrasco

Going to a Brazilian steakhouse (Churrasco) is a full-on carnivore experience. The waiters cut the succulent meat in front of you and you can eat until you’re close to exploding.

8. Friendly population

We’re a warm and friendly bunch. Personal space? Never heard of that. Brazilians hug and kiss their friends a lot. It’s hard to be left out, as we welcome everybody with open arms.

9. Caipirinhas

When we can find bars serving caipirinhas all the way across the world in Thailand, we know we created a world-conquering cocktail.

10. Brazilian popular music

Most people know Brazilian samba, but our music goes way beyond that. The world fell in love with “Garota de Ipanema” some 50 years ago, a great example of bossa nova. You can find forró (the Brazilian equivalent of salsa) clubs all around the globe, even in Auckland, New Zealand. And you’ve probably danced to “funk” in a nightclub, the music from Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. All in all, it can make you cry, dance, and laugh, but most importantly, it makes you think. During the Brazilian dictatorship, we used music as a way of expressing our opposing political views.

11. The parties

We know how to party! It’s impossible to behave during Carnival and rumor has it that most Brazilians are born in November and December, exactly nine months after the festivities.

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