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12 Awesome "Van-Lifers" You Need to Follow Right Now

by Henry Miller Oct 24, 2017

Is there a more romantic way to see the world than by van? Waking up in your office/living room to the smell of coffee that your partner is brewing right next to your bed, and poking your head out the door to a view of the ocean, or a jungle waterfall, or an endless desert, or snowcapped mountains? These folks don’t think so. With 164,000 miles of highway in the United States alone, these “van-lifers” have picked lifestyle that offers new sights, cultural exchanges, and challenges every single day.

But don’t think that trekking the globe by van is always smooth sailing. Installing a full kitchen within a few square feet can’t be a breeze, and keeping warm in the winter with nothing but a campfire and a car battery is less than ideal. Plus, and I’m sure I’m not alone here, a toilet and shower are really, really crucial to my happiness as a modern person. So kudos to these van-lifers who see the world without the amenities so many of us can’t imagine giving up.

1. Summerofseventyfive

This family of four is living the dream of traveling around Australia in a fried-out Kombi (VW Bus). Excellent source of info when trying to map out the perfect family vacation.

2. Chanchitabus

This account follows a group of winter sport athletes as they travel up and down the Americas, from the US to Argentina.

3. Roamingwithrob

This Australian duo criss-cross the world’s smallest continent with a guitar and a hunger for finding new swimming holes. Best account to follow before planning a trip Down Under.

4. Alexiscoram

Without question the best nature photographer on this list, this account focuses less on the ins and outs of traveling full-time and more on the sights van-living makes possible.

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5. Andyandthevan

This world traveler and writer is at his best when showcasing the Americana landscape, from motorcycles to cowboys and motels. Poetry ain’t half-bad neither.

6. Mnmlmillennials

This young couple moving across North America are less than a year into their “vanlife”, so it is a good source of info on the early challenges, including building your van.

7. Lifeultralight

With a Sprinter Van that is mounted with solar panels and a running sink, these super-adventurers put together a work of van-life art.


Also new to the game, this Euro-tripping account is a melange of van-life wins and handcrafted jewelry (because you have to support yourself somehow).

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9. Peteramend

From Cuba to Canada, these van-lifers seem to intend to document the most gorgeous swimming locales across North America.

10. Mrtrich

The only van I could find containing a wood stove(!). Mostly based in Idaho and the West, this account shows us the advantages of exploring the less populated states.

11. Neroexplrs

Unlike a lot of van-life accounts, this one does not shy away from documenting the wildness of big cities, as well as the US East Coast’s countryside.

12. Briannamadia

With longer-than-standard captions, this account goes into detail about the joys and challenges of van-living with a partner (and in a van that is not always so agreeable on the road).

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