The 12 Dirtiest Expressions in Italian (and How Not to Use Them)

Italy Languages
by Giorgio Velardita Nardini Feb 28, 2018

The Italian language is the best language when you’re angry or you have to complain about something. Even though we have many different regional idioms, dialects, and languages, it’s easy to remember some of the most popular dirty expressions used anywhere in the country. That’s because the words used are generally culo (ass) and cazzo (dick or shit).

Here are 12 of the dirtiest expressions in Italian.

1. In dirty Italian, you don’t say a place is “far away”… instead, you say it’s “in the ass” (in culo).

2. Italians don’t say something is done “wrong”… they say it’s done “as a dog’s dick” (a cazzo di cane).

3. When something is obvious Italians don’t simply say “duh”… they say “thank the dick” (grazie al cazzo).

4. In dirty Italian, you don’t say “go fuck yourself”… rather “go shit yourself” (andare a cagare).

5. And if you’re very scared, you “shit in your hands” (cagare in mano).

6. In dirty Italian you’re not simply sick of a situation… instead you “have your balls full” (avere i coglioni pieni).

7. In Italian, you don’t suck at something… “you’re a handjob” (una pippa).

8. And if something really sucks, you can say “it sucks to the dick” (fa schifo al cazzo).

9. In dirty Italian, when something or someone is annoying, they’re “breaking the balls” (rompere le palle).

10. And when someone takes advantage of you, they “shit out of the bowl” (cagare fuori dalla tazza).

11. When something goes wrong, you “take it in the ass” (prenderlo nel culo).

12. More specifically… they say, “at the end of the day, the cucumber always goes in the produce seller’s ass” (gira che ti rigira, il cetriolo va in culo all’ortolano).

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