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14 Abilities People From Kansas Have Over Everyone Else

by Ashleigh Lee Feb 13, 2018

Kansas may be middle America and an example of what not to do when it comes to politics and education. And we know we’re not much to look at with our lack of oceans, trees, and mountains. But Kansans will be the first to defend our home because know that this place holds a special secret: it’s people.

Here are 14 abilities people from Kansas have over everyone else.

1. Giving impeccable directions.

We don’t give you the standard “20 miles away,” we get specific with how long it will take you and what you will see along the way to know you’re going in the right direction.

2. Feeding a nation.

We are known as the “Wheat State” for a reason.

3. Curing boredom in the most imaginative ways possible.

Speeding down empty roads and stealing traffic signs and cones are a great time, but have you tried building a Christmas tree out of empty liquor bottles?

4. Excelling at food and beer.

Our world-class barbecue and craft beer scene have exploded in the past decade putting our little state on everyone’s radar. Nothing quite goes together like burnt ends and a Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat.

5. Getting creative with our university mascots.

Big Jay and WuShock are two of the most recognizable university mascots in the world. And we love the fact that no one else has anything close to them.

6. Relaxing.

We love a good three-day weekend where we can go down to the lake or river for a float trip.

7. Playing Corn Hole.

See above.

8. Sensing changes in the weather.

There are the obvious signs of the wind picking up and the skies changing colors, however, Kansans have a sixth sense when it comes to Mother Nature and her fickleness in our state.

9. Mapping the ultimate road trip.

It’s eight to 10 hours to the mountains and 10 plus hours to the Gulf, we’ve perfected the road trip. Complete with sunflower seeds, of course.

10. Fixing quite literally anything.

Chances are someone you know is a handyman/woman and will have the tool or part you need for your home renovation or car repair. If not, we are resourceful as hell and can fix most things with duct tape.

11. Making fun of ourselves.

We often reference our cities as Wichitawful and Topeka. But only Kansans can say these kinds of things. Outsiders, you’ve been warned.

12. Defending our state.

As mentioned above, Kansans are ride or die, and we don’t take kindly to outsiders coming in and disrespecting our home. Sure, we know we are far from perfect, but damn it, John Brown would be so proud of our unwavering loyalty.

13. Turning off our sense of smell.

Yes, that is cow manure you smell, and yes, you do get used to it.

14. Knowing how to rally and overcome our obstacles.

Kansans are resilient, even though we are often portrayed as the underdog. Our state motto is “to the stars, through the difficulties” for a reason. Not much can keep us down, not even being down three points with 2.1 seconds left in the national championship.

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