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15 Differences Between a Normal Friend and a Maine Friend

by Kit Graham May 21, 2018

You can tell us Mainers in the bunch. We stick out — but not quite like a sore thumb. We’re more like that trusty kid up at camp that always has the right tool and didn’t forget to bring matches. We earned that title because our garages are so full of gear that we’ve never parked the car in there a single time. We’re different from normal friends in a bunch of other ways too.


A normal friend responds to a question by saying “yes”.
A Maine friend says “ayuh”.


A normal friend uses the word “very”.
A Maine friend will replace “very” with “wicked” and will find a way to squeeze it into every sentence.


A normal friend will stay home from work during a blizzard.
A Maine friend will say “Blizzard?’ and then go to work as normal.


A normal friend will drink Coca-Cola.
A Maine friend will send the Coke right back and order a Moxie.


A normal friend will order lobster outside of Maine.
A Maine friend won’t eat lobster when they are outside of Maine; it’s way too expensive and definitely isn’t fresh enough.


A normal friend will wear a jacket when it is colder than 50 degrees outside.
A Maine friend won’t start wearing a jacket until it is snowing, and it better be a wicked snow.


A normal friend turns on the air conditioning when it gets hot.
A Maine friend doesn’t have AC and sleeps with the windows open instead.


A normal friend turns up the heat when it is cold outside.
A Maine friend fires up the wood stove or pellet stove.


A normal friend might buy new winter boots.
A Maine friend rocks the same L.L.Bean boots they’ve had for years.


A normal friend will give their entire phone number including area code.
A Maine friend won’t say their area code since the entire state is 207.


A normal friend will dip their toe into the 62-degree ocean and decide not to go swimming.
A Maine friend will dive right in, excited that the water is warm.


A normal friend will grill hot dogs.
A Maine friend will grill red snapper hot dogs and warn you to watch out for the “snap“ sound when you bite into them.


A normal friend says “Portland”.
A Maine friend needs you to specify Oregon or Maine every time.


A normal friend will go to a lake house.
A Maine friend will go “upta camp.”


A normal friend buys their produce at the grocery store.
A Maine friend forages for berries, fiddleheads, and ramps.

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