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15 Surprising Things That Could Get You Stopped at Airport Security

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by Henry Miller Nov 7, 2017

Getting stopped at an airport security checkpoint remains a chart-topper on the list of the most mundane and Kafkaesque hassles in the modern world. It is perhaps runner-up only to going to the DMV or voting in US congressional elections (because, you know, gerrymandering and such). Like a lot of said modern hassles, the rules of avoiding a security checkpoint frisking or shakedown can seem random and ever-changing. Fortunately, there are some basic universal guidelines that still apply.

With the holiday season upon us, Globehunters has taken it upon themselves to list 15 things you didn’t realize would get you stopped at the airport. Planning on fishing with your uncle in the Great Lakes? Check that pole. Thinking of snacking on the fancy cheeses you are bringing back home from a winter holiday? Think again. Oh, and don’t forget to fully charge all of your devices before leaving for the airport, or you might lose them altogether.

Navigating an airport is never easy, and there are few things more dreadful than tripping over yourself as you chuck your belt, shoes, and laptop into a moving tray, without having your whole life unpacked in front of a bunch of strangers. So pay attention, because this infographic can save you a lot of travel anxiety.

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