17 Bizarre Superstitions From Around the World

Maps + Infographics
by Ana Bulnes Aug 2, 2017

Do you want to be a father? Then stop eating lettuce! That’s at least the advice everyone would give you during the 19th century in England. You might laugh at that superstition, but what do you do if you come across a ladder while you’re walking in the street? Do you walk under it or around it? We all know it’s just a baseless belief (the worst thing that can happen is the ladder and its ‘passenger’ collapsing into you, but what are the odds?), but why risk it, right?

Each country has their own superstitions. Some of them are logic and can be scientifically rationalized. Others are just plain weird. Do you want to add some weird beliefs to your own catalog of superstitions? SolarCentre put together this infographic with the some of the world’s most bizarre superstitions.

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