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17 Signs It's Time for You Leave the Cubicle Life Behind and Go Traveling

by Henry Miller Dec 20, 2017

1. Let’s face it, it felt pretty awesome walking into your first office job.

2. It was the kick-off to your adulthood, to financial independence.

3. “This is just the beginning”, you told yourself, “of something much bigger.”

4. But then things got dark.

5. And now you feel like you are drowning in monotony.

6. And you are starting to wonder if your boss would notice your sudden disappearance.

7. Plus binge-drinking on the weekends just isn’t as rewarding as it was in your early 20s.

8. Also staring at a screen all day has nearly blinded you.

9. And lack of Vitamin D is turning you into some kind of monster.

10. You long for a job where you get to pick your own work hours and outfits.

11. You are desperately craving for something to talk about other than the bullshit you have to deal with at work.

12. And have realized that you were always going to disappoint your parents with your career path (as they would you with their voting decisions).

13. You find yourself staring wistfully at your screensaver, wondering how you were tricked into the illusion of middle-class life.

14. Maybe it’s time you tried something new.

15. And maybe a little risky (like a job that lets you live abroad).

16. Besides, eventually, we are all going to be replaced by robots after the oligarchs take every single last dime for themselves.

17. So get out there and chase a passion that can only be achieved somewhere warm and beach-y.

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