Bartenders — we are known more for our social skills, but there are certain things, you’ll never ever hear us say.

1. “No, I don’t want a shot.”
2. “Want to grab brunch?”
3. “Can I have a skinny girl margarita?”
4. “Extra limes, please.”
5. “It’s so loud in here. Can you lower the music?”
6. “I’ve never been drunk before noon.”
7. “I love three-day weekends.”
8. “That’s past my bedtime.”
9. “I wish I went out more.”
10. “I’m visiting home for Thanksgiving AND Christmas this year.”
11. “I never hook up with co-workers.”
12. “I’ve never cleaned up someone else’s vomit before.”
13. “I don’t eat after 7 PM.”
14. “Can you pop the cork? Champagne bottles make me nervous.”
15. “I hate being on my feet.”
16. “I’m terrible at small talk.”
17. “I’m sorry, this drink is too strong.”
18. “No, we’re not open yet, but please come in and have a seat anyway.”
19. “What’s fernet?”