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26 Telltale Signs You Just Got Back From Traveling

by Jenny Maclean Apr 16, 2018

The ability to adapt to new environments is something any decent traveler should have. Elephants on the road in India? Gotcha. Humidity in Thailand? No worries. Altitude in Ecuador? Give me two days.

But did you ever think you would ever have to adapt to your own environment? The one you grew up in — your natural habitat, if you will?

Slotting back into your regular life isn’t always easy when you’ve been away for months, or even years. Relearning old routines, getting to grips with the changes that took place while you were away, and figuring out how the new you fits into your old life — it might be some time before you establish a new normal and fully reintegrate.

Here are a few signs that you’ve just returned from an extended trip overseas:

1. You can’t bring yourself to unpack.

2. You’re overly excited to be reunited with your hair straighteners, favorite perfume, and all the other things you couldn’t justify taking with you.

3. Sleeping in your own bed is a luxury you never knew existed.

4. You scroll wistfully through your Instagram photos at least five times a day.

5. You even look at your anti-diarrhea medication with a certain fondness.

6. You’re wearing two jumpers, a blanket, and a woolly hat… and you’re still cold.

7. You automatically reach for an adapter when you need to plug something in.

8. You’re worried what you might find at the bottom of your bag. A moldy banana? A rancid pair of hiking socks? A quokka?

9. Every sentence starts with “When I was in…”

10. You show off your passport stamps at every opportunity.

11. Your social calendar is full for the next month.

12. You miss everything being covered in sand.

13. You spend days dreaming up freelance ventures so you can become a digital nomad and travel forever.

14. You wear all the clothes you forgot you had — your favorite jeans are feeling a little snug, by the way.

15. You plan a major health and fitness drive (once you’ve indulged in all the comfort food you missed).

16. Being able to leave your toiletries in the bathroom makes you excessively happy.

17. It feels weird wearing proper shoes.

18. You’re the most tanned person in any room.

19. You strike up conversations with strangers in bars and at bus stops.

20. You’re the first to help someone looking lost in your hometown.

21. You naturally reach for earplugs and an eye mask before bed.

22. Suddenly, the tattoos you got on your travels seem out of place.

23. You’re not sure when you’ll get an opportunity to wear all of the colorful clothes you found in the markets.

24. Cutting off the travel bands you’ve been wearing for the past six months is a really big deal.

25. You can’t believe that everything at home is pretty much the same when you’ve changed so much.

26. You daydream about where you’ll go next and before you know it, you’ve opened 30 different Skyscanner, Matador Network, and Airbnb tabs on your laptop.

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