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29 Signs That You’ve Gone Full Australian

by Jenny Maclean Mar 12, 2018

It’s happening. You start asking people how they’re “going.” Most of your sentences end in “eh” or “mate.” You’re fiercely loyal to either Woolies or Coles. And you know what a “drop bear” is… or isn’t. You can’t deny it — you’re becoming more Aussie by the day.

1. “Far out!” is your response to pretty much everything.

2. Unless the situation calls for “sweet as” or “ripper.”

3. You’ve nailed the difference between “yeah na” and “na yeah.”

4. “Afternoon” and “barbeque” have way too many syllables for your liking.

5. “Arvo,” “esky,” “tinny,” “bottle-o,” “mozzie,” “togs,” and “Good on ya!” creep their way into your everyday vocabulary.

6. The soles of your feet are thicker than the soles of the shoes you haven’t worn for three months.

7. You know exactly which side you fall in the great Sydney vs. Melbourne debate.

8. You’ve never been to Canberra… and probably never will.

9. You have a favorite coast and will defend it to the end.

10. You’ve holidayed in Fiji or the Gili Islands.

11. You believe that a skateboard is a perfectly acceptable mode of transport.

12. You think floral shirts on bearded men have never looked so good.

13. Possums and quokkas are your new favorite animals.

14. Plovers and magpies are not.

15. You can barely see your bike helmet for cable ties.

16. You scan the water for shadows before a swim.

17. You learn to avoid rock pools.

18. Stonefish, cone shells, box jellyfish… You know that everything in the ocean wants to kill you.

19. Snakes, spiders, cassowaries… You know that everything on land wants to kill you, too.

20. You can’t walk past a Lord of the Fries without… whoops, accidentally bought a poutine burger.

21. Meat pies are life.

22. You know that kangaroos aren’t just the national animal; they’re also a national delicacy.

23. Beetroot in burgers is your new favorite thing.

24. Vegemite is definitely not.

25. You know the difference between a pot, a pint, and a schooner.

26. You know Bondi Beach is completely overrated.

27. You never go below factor 50.

28. You know that pre-gaming on goon never ends well… but hey, it’s cheap.

29. You don’t expect to see monkeys in Monkey Mia.

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