32 Things You'll Never Hear Someone From Kansas Say

by Ashleigh Lee Jan 26, 2018

1. Hold the ranch.

2. I don’t have allergies living here.

3. Driving through western Kansas is so scenic.

4. Texas barbecue is far superior to Kansas City barbecue.

5. I wish I lived in Missouri.

6. I love how much the weather fluctuates every day.

7. No, Kansas isn’t windy.

8. Our sunsets are terrible.

9. There’s a tornado? Better head to the basement.

10. Our governor has our best interests at heart.

11. There are too many Quik Trips around here.

12. I love “Wizard of Oz” jokes.

13. Kansas thunderstorms suck.

14. The Chiefs never disappoint in the playoffs.

15. What does “ad astra” mean?

16. Kansas has no history.

17. I love humidity.

18. So many famous people are from Kansas.

19. The KU/K-State rivalry is so much more exciting than the KU/Mizzou rivalry.

20. Barn party? What’s that?

21. This route doesn’t include dirt roads.

22. I’ve never been to a bonfire.

23. Kansas is such a blue state.

24. Snowstorm? I don’t need to stock up on provisions.

25. My family doesn’t own a gun.

26. I’m going to be really sad when the governor leaves office.

27. Kansas is one of the most progressive states in the Midwest.

28. There’s just too much to do around here!

29. I hate harvest season.

30. Please tell me another “Wizard of Oz” joke.

31. Kansas is flat?

32. The Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl!

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