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The 5 Hardest Places to Get an Uber Pick-Up, and Why It Just Got Easier

by Olivia Harden Jun 9, 2021

You’re in a hurry, and you’ve ordered an Uber to get you to your destination — only, it says that your driver is here, but you cannot, for the life of you, find them. Uber feels for you and has come up with some new features to help make your life a lot easier.

Uber has figured out that it can be pretty tricky to get picked up at some destinations. After doing some research, Uber discovered its five hardest destinations for riders to be picked up:

New York City, New York: Regency Hotel (62nd Street and Park Avenue)
Chicago, Illinois: Cloud Gate (E Randolph Street and Michigan Avenue)
San Francisco, California: Jefferson Park (Ellis Street and Gough Street)
Washington, DC: Sherman Circle (Sherman Circle and Kansas Avenue NW)
Miami, Florida: Westchester Shopping Center (87th and Coral Way)

The biggest problem was that millions of app riders would drop their pin, but it often ended up in the middle of the street, and drivers would end up on the wrong side of the road. Uber’s new Side of Street feature will show the side of the street a rider is on, along with a landmark associated with the rider’s location for smoother pickup.

Uber’s navigation is also getting an upgrade to ensure you get to your destination faster. Drivers will now have access to up to two alternate routes, as well as traffic-based rerouting, so you won’t be late for your meeting downtown or have plenty of time to catch your flight.

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