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7 Badass Trips You Should Take to Bounce Back From a Breakup

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by Zibby Wilder Jun 20, 2018

Broken hearts suck, but what better reason to treat yourself to some “me” time? Change is already happening, so go out there and learn something new, challenge yourself, spoil yourself, or try that one thing that scares the crap out of you. Save the crying over Netflix and Ben and Jerry’s for someone that’s worth it (which is to say, no one). Instead, take one of these badass trips that will have you bouncing back to an even-more-amazing version of you — and if your ex still follows you on Instagram, it’ll definitely help you “win” the breakup.

1. Soak away the blues: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland is said to have healing powers for both the mind and body. Just under an hour from Reykjavik, this world-renowned geothermal spa features silica and sulfur-rich waters that range from 99-102 degrees Fahrenheit and a spa with services including in-water massages. It’s a great place to let your heart heal in solitude, but for those looking for company, nearby Reykjavik is famous for its friendly, and extremely good-looking, locals.

2. Embrace change: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Evolution is a fact of life. Since you’re in the midst of feeling it, try going to a place where you can see it, too. The best way to experience the Galapagos Islands is by boat which, considering the remote location of the islands, can be a bit of a fright, but also ferries you through the Darwinian journey. Animals here are not afraid of humans and their curious and carefree ways might inspire you as you progress on your journey. Snorkel with penguins, walk with giant tortoises, swim with sharks, see the earth change before your eyes and, along the way, perhaps become changed yourself.

3. Climb to new heights: Machu Picchu, Peru

Young woman looking at Machu Picchu

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Bearing the burden of a broken heart isn’t half as hard as bearing the burden of a backpack up Machu Picchu. The trek is only 25 miles but takes a minimum of four days due to its altitude — over 13,780 feet of elevation at its highest point. 1.2 million people make the trek each year, and a hiking permit is required, so you’ll have to start training at the gym before you head to Peru. Getting in better shape, or maintaining your physical fitness, is integral for your overall well-being, plus all those endorphins — both at the gym and on the trek — are sure to do you good.

4. Just splurge: Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

When no amount of money is greater than the pain of a breakup, consider buying your heart off in absolute luxury.

Secluded Kamalame Cay offers a special “Le Divorce” package for the broken-hearted, which includes assorted spa treatments and activities, meals ,and unlimited drinks. If you just can’t bear it without a buddy, they offer special “Compassion Companion” rates so you can bring along your bestie.

Note that there is no cell service on the Cay, so you’ll have no fears of drunk-dialing.

5. Explore new frontiers: Alaska

Hiking in Alaska

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The overwhelming bigness of Alaska is sure to make your troubles feel smaller and more inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. And if kayaking with breaching, 50-foot long humpback whales, run-ins with 1,000-pound Grizzly bears, battling a 20-pound salmon or standing on the flanks of 20,000-ft Denali don’t bring you through your funk, nothing will.

6. Plunge into the unknown: Grand Canyon, Arizona

rafting down the Colorado River

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If the awe-inspiring scenery of the Grand Canyon doesn’t take your mind off things, the exhilarating Colorado River will keep you fully focused on tackling the rapids (or the rapids may just scare the sad right out of you). While a good road trip and a one-day float might be enough to calm your inner angst, more advanced heartbreak can be dealt with on a physically and mentally-challenging 18-day rafting trip, getting chewed up by nature and spit out on Lake Mead — which happens to be just 30 miles from Sin City, Las Vegas.

7. Shake it off: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Couple dancing the tango

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There’s no dance more passionate than the tango, which makes it the perfect activity to both get your groove back (literally), and cozy up to some new partners — dance or otherwise. Let a skilled teacher show you new ways to move your hips, or just keep it casual and hit the streets to check out the local dance clubs. The abundance of fine wine, handsome people, and beautiful architecture will make you believe in romance again. The fact that you can put these skills (the tango and associated newfound hip movements) to use when you get home is an added bonus.

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