We Philadelphians know great junk food and love to party (an epic combination). Give us a football game or a Mummers Parade and we’ll be chugging drinks like there’s no tomorrow. Here are eight signs you too learned to drink in Philly.

1. You’re a pro at tailgating Philly sports events.

Start at 8 AM in the parking lot, finish at 10 PM at Xfinity.

2. You or someone you know is obsessed with craft beer.

We get it bro, you’re from Fishtown.

3. You’ve had a shot from a shady convenient store.

Shots from convenience store

Photo: Beau

And you’d do it again.

4. You got drunk every day for a week after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

You gotta celebrate.

5. You ran up the Museum of Art steps hungover or still drunk.

It’s a tourist move but you are the Italian Stallion. Drago isn’t ready for this.

6. You know that SEPTA rides home are always more fun when drinking is involved.

Unless you’re a sober passenger going back home after work, then it’s annoying.

7. You know Philly foods are always better with alcohol.

Philadelphia beer and pizza

Photo: Namecoin

Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, crab fries, pizza, etc. All Philly food is post-party food.

8. You’ve been in or have seen a fight involving drunks.

Probably some dude from Jersey or New York getting whooped by somebody in Philly. That or a Cowboys fan.