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8 Signs You Learned to Drink in Philly

by Ryan Dury Mar 23, 2018

We Philadelphians know great junk food and love to party (an epic combination). Give us a football game or a Mummers Parade and we’ll be chugging drinks like there’s no tomorrow. Here are eight signs you too learned to drink in Philly.

1. You’re a pro at tailgating Philly sports events.

Start at 8 AM in the parking lot, finish at 10 PM at Xfinity.

2. You or someone you know is obsessed with craft beer.

We get it bro, you’re from Fishtown.

3. You’ve had a shot from a shady convenient store.

And you’d do it again.

4. You got drunk every day for a week after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

You gotta celebrate.

5. You ran up the Museum of Art steps hungover or still drunk.

It’s a tourist move but you are the Italian Stallion. Drago isn’t ready for this.

6. You know that SEPTA rides home are always more fun when drinking is involved.

Unless you’re a sober passenger going back home after work, then it’s annoying.

7. You know Philly foods are always better with alcohol.

Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, crab fries, pizza, etc. All Philly food is post-party food.

8. You’ve been in or have seen a fight involving drunks.

Probably some dude from Jersey or New York getting whooped by somebody in Philly. That or a Cowboys fan.

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