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8 Superpowers All Alabamians Have

by Anna Irving May 24, 2017

1. Eating.

We love barbecue, moon pies, and deep frying just about anything we can get our hands on. Our mamas and grannies are all great cooks, and family dinners are usually at least four courses. We’ve also got some nationally-recognized and award-winning chefs in our great state: Frank Stitt, Chris Hastings, and Lucy Buffett are just a few. Our restaurant game is on point whether it be something upscale, or something as low-key as a taco truck.

2. Arguing “’til we’re blue in the face.”

It’s nothing personal, we just get so fired up. You’ve got a few facts, we’ve got a few facts, but more important, we’ve got our opinions.

3. The ability to give directions without naming a single street.

It’s all landmarks, baby. We sure don’t know the name of that street in front of the Waffle House, but we know that’s where you should turn right. Just holler if you get lost.

4. Filling up the fridge without spending a dime.

Between hunting and gardening, we’ve always got a full freezer, fridge, and pantry. However, if we need something in a pinch, there’s always the Piggly Wiggly.

5. Drinking.

Alabamians are big fans of craft beer, and we love to brag about our ever-growing population of breweries. We’ve got Back Forty in Gadsden, our favorite in Fairhope, and a lot of deliciousness to choose from in Birmingham. If we’re in the mood for something stronger, we’ve all got a friend that makes moonshine, and some of us are lucky enough to have a muscadine wine hook-up.

6. Being weather aware.

We all turn into meteorologists at the minor threat of severe weather. We spend hours stalking James Spann’s Twitter page, but we straight up refuse to read his thoughtful and informative blog. Whether it’s potential snow flurries or a daily April tornado, we’re keeping our eyes on the polygon.

7. Surviving our state government.

Yeah, we’re not too sure what’s going on there either. At this point, we figure, we’ve governed ourselves this long, why change anything?

8. Not being Mississippi.

No explanation needed.

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