Photo: EQRoy

8 Fears Only Pennsylvanians Understand

by Ryan Dury Mar 23, 2018

Pennsylvanians may seem like a tough bunch (have you see what Eagles fans are capable of?), but take away their Wawa and announce that PennDOT is starting a major road project and you’ll see what truly terrified Pennsylvanians look like. Here are eight fears only Pennsylvanians understand.

1. The wooden roller coasters at Knoebels

The Phoenix and The Twister deliver some intense shaking.

2. Potholes

Drive on and pray you don’t flatten a tire.

3. Snowstorms, even in the spring

The biggest weather events seem to show up in March when we think we’re safe from the horrors of winter.

4. Not being near a Wawa or Sheetz

We dread nothing more than this.

5. Getting busted drinking in the woods

Especially when you’re pounding Keystone Light like it’s your job.

6. The gunshots or fireworks game

In certain cities, you never really know.

7. Higher taxesThe Philly soda tax, gas tax, school tax, business taxes… there seem to always be something new that requires us to hand pay up.

8. PennDOT working on a road you use regularly

It will never get finished. Ever.

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