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9 Phrases Guaranteed to Insult Someone From New Jersey

New Jersey
by Patrick McGurran Jul 19, 2017

1. “You’re from New Jersey? But you don’t have a New Jersey accent!”

People from New Jersey generally have neutral accents. What people refer to as the “New Jersey accent,” is really the New York accent. Not everyone from Jersey talks like Tony Soprano and is in the mob. Capeesh?

2. “I don’t get your obsession with Diners. Diners aren’t that great.”

That’s because you’ve never been to one in Jersey and for that, I pity you.

3. “You must love Bruce Springsteen.”

Some of us think that his music is overplayed. Will anyone ever stop asking this question!?

4. “So, what exit?”

Joe Piscopo made this line famous on SNL. It refers to the Garden State Parkway and which exit you live off of. It was funny and we embraced at first –- now it’s just an annoyance. The Garden State Parkway isn’t the only highway in the state. Read a map.

5. “I’m surprised you’re not more…ya know (begins to fist pump).”

This is the easiest way to lose any potential New Jersey friend you could have made. Most people from my home state hate The Jersey Shore. To add to that, most of the cast of the show is from New York, not from Jersey.

6. “Jersey is dirty.”

Admittedly, the state has some scummy parts, but most of them are run-off suburbs of New York and Philadelphia. The state has more to offer. We have beautiful state parks, beaches, hiking/mountain biking parks and trails — a part of the Appalachian trail runs through New Jersey.

7. “The Garden State isn’t even a good name for New Jersey.”

Have you ever had a Jersey tomato? Jersey sweet corn? No? Well, you’ll never know until you come visit and try for yourself!

8. “New Jersey in the armpit of New York.”

I can’t change your mind if it’s already made up, but I can tell you that New Jersey is just as diverse as New York City. We have many craft breweries; 5-star restaurants; stunning public gardens; towns like Asbury Park, Morristown, Lambertville, and Cape May which are cultural havens. As the most densely populated state in America, NJ is the most interesting because of our immense diversity.

9. “The only claim to fame Jersey has is the beach.”

*eye roll* Good job on proving to me that you know nothing.

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