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Eclipse Viewing and National Parks Top Airbnb Study of 2024 Travel Trends

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by Eben Diskin Nov 21, 2023

No one really knows what 2024 will look like, especially people in the travel industry who try to predict all the upcoming trends. What can be relied upon, though, are travelers themselves who’ve already made bookings for the new year. By looking at search trends and concrete bookings on Airbnb for 2024, the travel landscape in the new year begins to crystalize. From a surge in stargazing searches to an interest in outdoor wellness vacations, these are the top travel trends Airbnb is seeing for 2024.

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All eyes on Japan

Perhaps it’s not surprising that the one of the countries that had the longest Covid-era closure is now at the top of travelers’ bucket lists. According to Airbnb’s data, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are all appearing at the top of users’ searches for 2024. Indeed, searches for Japan have tripled compared to the same period last year, putting the country at the top of Airbnb’s list of most trending international destinations. Japan is followed closely by Taiwan, Albania, Singapore, Finland, and the UAE.

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Total eclipse of the Airbnb

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For many travelers looking to plan their 2024 domestic travel, the solar eclipse on April 4-7 is a huge consideration. In addition to simply marking their calendars and remembering to look up on those days, travelers are seemingly planning entire trips around seeing the eclipse from the best vantage point possible. Indeed, searches for Airbnb listings within the US path of the solar eclipse increased 300 percent compared to the same dates last year. These are some of the trending US cities for seeing the solar eclipse:

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A relaxing start to 2024

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There’s no better way to decompress after a busy holiday season and rowdy New Year’s Eve than by simply…chilling out. That’s why it seems people are already looking beyond the holiday season and booking tranquil nature escapes for the new year. National parks, beaches, and scenic views, are topping the most popular travel categories for 2024, showing how high traveles value the art of relaxation. The following categories are among the most booked globally for 2024:

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Guest Favorites: Airbnb’s New Year’s resolution

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Browsing Airbnb without knowing exactly what you’re looking for can feel like wandering a bookstore, faced with thousands of potential stories to read, but no way to decide between them. Guest Favorites is Airbnb’s version of a bookstore’s “Staff Picks” section. Designed for those who haven’t yet finalized their travel plans, and need help zeroing in on the best properties, Guest Favorites is a collection of the two million most-loved homes on Airbnb, based on ratings, reviews, and reliability. They’ve also received high marks for ease of check-in, cleanliness, listing accuracy, host communication, location, and value. These are some of the most-wishlisted Guest Favorites to help inform your 2024 plans.

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