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This Beer Company Wants to Fly You and 5 Friends to a Private Island

by Dayana Aleksandrova Mar 4, 2021

To celebrate the launch of a brand new beer flavor, Natural Light — commonly known as Natty Light — wants to send you and five friends to a tropical island just in time for spring break.

To enter, participants need to tag five potential members of their cabana crew using the hashtags #Naturdays and #Sweepstakes on their social media. The trip will take place this year unless restrictions prevent it from going forward. If that’s the case, the lucky winner will have the chance to claim their vacation in 2022. Although the destination remains a secret, the island getaway will include a charter boat, a private chef, and unlimited Naturdays. For more information on the competition and its terms and conditions visit Natural Light on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

The private island giveaway is a fitting reward for a company known for its tropical flavors. Its new flavor, called Naturdays Pineapple Lemonade, has a bold promise to “transport you to island time.” The fruity lager will be available in 12-ounce cans in packs of 12, 24, and 30, as well as 16-ounce cans in packs of six. Some of the flavors Natty Light is best known for include: Naturdays, a refreshing light lager that combines fruity notes and lemonade; Natural Light Seltzer, which comes in mango and peach, cherry and lime, and strawberry and kiwi; and the classic Natural Light — the smooth, all-American light lager.

The island competition is not the first time Natty Light has launched a giveaway. The company is well-known for its community engagement and has piloted a program for college debt relief launched in 2018 where a million dollars was given to students struggling to pay their college tuition.

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