You and Your Besties Can Have a Sleepover on the Iconic Set of ‘Friends’ for Less Than $20

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by Jori Ayers May 13, 2021

Ever wanted to live in Monica and Rachel’s NYC apartment? Well, now is your chance to live out your fantasy during an overnight stay on a recreation of the iconic ’90s TV show Friends. has partnered up with the event company Superfly X and Warner Bros. to create an unforgettable experience in NYC. You and your besties will be able to spend the night in a super-detailed recreation of Monica and Rachel’s apartment, featuring a private one-bedroom accommodation for just $19.94.

Overnight guests will also get dinner and drinks, as well as the chance to take part in Phoebe’s Cab Escape Room and a scavenger hunt. Naturally, they will be treated to coffee and breakfast at Central Perk.

According to, the lucky guests will also be able to “relive Ross’ infamously doomed sofa pivot, peek through Rachel and Monica’s purple door, relax on Chandler and Joey’s recliners after playing some foosball, explore newly added original props and costumes from the show, and much more.”

The set recreations are part of a new themed Friends attraction called THE FRIENDS Experience. There are two locations for THE FRIENDS Experience, one in NYC and one in Chicago, and both allow fans of the show to indulge in interactive experiences from the popular show.

The overnight stay is available to book on for a limited time only. Bookings will open on May 21 at 10:00 AM ET for May 23 and May 24.

Reservations are likely to go very quickly, so gather your friends, get online, and try to snag your spot.

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