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How Can You Help Mexico After the Recent Earthquakes?

by Rulo Luna Ramos Sep 27, 2017

Two major earthquakes have struck Mexico during the last month, and a good part of the country is in an emergency state. Here’s a list of resources where you can donate to support Mexico. It’s time to help! #FuerzaMexico

From any place in the world:


You can use this link to donate immediately by credit card, debit, or PayPal. If you require any additional information, get in contact with

Topos Tlatelolco

This is one of the several groups of brigadiers that were formed after the 1985 Mexico City earthquake. Topos Tlatelolco is one of the most recognized organizations dedicated to rescuing people in disaster areas worldwide. The Topos receive international donations through their page via PayPal and through bank deposits.

Global Giving

The Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund proposed by Global Giving will have a direct impact on the reconstruction of affected areas. In just a few days they raised almost a million dollars in donations.

Ambulante AC

Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal have launched a campaign through the digital platform Omaze to gather funds and help in the reconstruction of schools, houses, and hospitals. All the money will be raised and distributed through Documental Ambulante AC. You can access the campaign here.

Fondo Unido México

Fondo Unido is a part of United Way Worldwide, a non-profit organization focused on the mobilization of human and material resources to promote social advances. The organization has activated an emergency fund to send donations into the areas affected by natural disasters, including hurricane-blasted Baja California and the Gulf of Mexico.

¿Cómo ayudar?

This web page is a collaborative list where you can find several ways to help the earthquake victims. The resource list is huge and offers different ways to help. It’s good for local, national, and international efforts.

Other organizations

Charity Navigator has a list of charities that are now actively helping Mexico.

From the affected areas:

If you’re within the affected zones, in-kind donations and volunteering are the most effective ways to help. Still, in a sea of information, it can get tricky to know how to make the best of your efforts. Informados ayudamos mejor is a brigade that’s focusing on verifying help requests in the central part of Mexico. You can send them a video requesting aid, help them to verify information and keep up to date with everything needed in collection centers near you.

Collection centers in Morelos and Puebla

These Google maps show every collection center in the states of Morelos and Puebla. Please, just use these resources for reference and avoid editing the maps in any way.

Collection centers and shelters in the affected areas

In this map, you’ll find collection centers, shelters, confirmed collapsed structures, and opportunities to volunteer in central Mexico. Keep in mind this map has loads of information and maybe not all of it is up to date. Search on social media and other platforms to keep yourself informed about the actual situation of the centers and what they’re requesting at the moment.

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