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The Best Cannabis Activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Cannabis
by Aliyya Zahidi Apr 9, 2020

Los Angeles and cannabis have long been connected. It takes just a cursory search through movies, music, and other media to see that. California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996 and was among the first wave of states to legalize recreational cannabis when the state bill passed in 2018. Today, California is a leader in all things cannabis, especially in the state’s largest metropolitan area.

From boutique dispensaries to cannabis restaurants, there’s something for everyone in Los Angeles. These are the top activities to keep on your radar, whether you’re an experienced user or interested in learning more.

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1. Puff, Pass, and Paint

Photo: Puff, Pass & Paint/Facebook

Unleash your inner creativity during this 420-friendly activity in North Hollywood. For $49, Puff, Pass, and Paint is a two-hour painting class that allows you to create a work of art as you follow along with step by step instructions. It’s a BYOC (bring your own cannabis) setting, and feel free to get there early to get yourself ready as you await instruction. Once instruction begins, a charismatic and entertaining instructor comes out accompanied by some great music to guide you in your painting. Halfway through the lesson, you get a 15-minute break to relax, enjoy your high, laugh with your friends, and jam out to the music. Feel free to let the cannabis guide your brushstrokes. All levels are welcome, and there’s no prior painting experience needed.

To book, head to the Puff, Pass, and Paint website. Different classes include the traditional, an abstract class, a mixed media collage class, and a nude painting class.

Where: 5623 Lankershim Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91601

2. Weed and Wine

LA Hemp Tours offer a fun, outdoor experience that’s filled with the two things that California does best: booze and buds. The party bus starts in Canoga Park, which is inland from Santa Monica. From there, the bus goes to dispensaries where you can pick up your choice of marijuana. Next, with weed in hand, the group heads out to the vineyards in the Santa Monica Mountains. The bus stops at two different vineyards, both of which include a wine tasting. Have the time of your life frolicking through the vineyards, mixing your weed and wine, and taking those perfect Instagram shots. This tour is one of the more expensive experiences on the list, ranging at $129 per person, but it’s well worth it.

Where: Departs from Canoga Park

3. Cannabis Cafe

In West Hollywood, you’ll find America’s first legal cannabis-centric restaurant: Cannabis Cafe. This dispensary-cafe hybrid is the perfect place to gather your friends and enjoy a delicious meal over a good joint. Make sure to make a reservation before heading out, as there are rarely spots available for walk-ins. As you arrive, you’re greeted by a Flower Host and a Flower Menu consisting of pre-rolls, flowers, small edibles, beverages, and a plethora of smoking accessories.

People new to cannabis are welcome, and the Flower Hostesses are available for advice if needed. However, it’s best to know your own tolerance level. You may bring your own cannabis, but there’s a $30 charge in doing so. You will also receive a restaurant menu and can enjoy farm-fresh food, coffee, and juice (note that the restaurant food isn’t infused with cannabis due to current legislation, only the pre-packaged edibles). The food menu was designed by the highly praised chef Andrea Drummer, who has created a specific menu for heightened senses, creating a sensational experience for all.

Where: 1201 N La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90038

4. Dispensary & Grow Tour

Get away from the primary tourist regions of LA to see the San Fernando Valley with yet another one of the options from LA Hemp Tours. This dispensary and grow tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at an active growing facility for $79. The tour starts with a pick up in a party bus and a dispensary stop. Then the bus goes to a grow center, where a grower gives insight on the business, the many uses of cannabis, the way weed is grown, and what goes into creating different strands. This educational experience shows how a plant is turned into what we consume. At the end of the tour, there’s the option to buy your own growing kit at a discount.

Where: Departs from Canoga Park

5. Hollywood Cannabis Tour

Photo: GreenTours/Facebook

Explore the highlights of Hollywood from a guided cannabis tour to all the most famous landmarks. Tours with Green Tours range from $40-$70, and the bus takes you to one of the largest and most popular dispensaries in the city. While there, feel free to purchase some weed for yourself and smoke it back on the bus. After the dispensaries, the bus heads to a grow facility where you can see first hand how the plant is grown and sold and learn about the ins and outs of the business. After the grow stop, you can sit back on the bus in pure relaxation and enjoy a guided tour of Hollywood and Highland, including the famous Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You might even spot to see a celebrity.

Where: Pickup in Hollywood

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