Photo: Voucher Cloud

Mapped: The Chances Your State Has of Getting a "White Christmas" This Year

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by Henry Miller Dec 12, 2017

Winter doesn’t get much prettier than seeing the reflection of Christmas lights in fresh snow on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, most Americans will not be so lucky this year. But if you are someone who absolutely must have a “White Christmas” every year, there are a few states you can move to to boost your chances.

Voucher Cloud did some research and found, unsurprisingly, that Alaska was the place where you are most likely (66.1%) to get the chance to catch snowflakes on your tongue after the presents have been opened and hot cider poured. Meanwhile, Vermont was the only contiguous state where that likelihood topped 50% (at 56.1%). Looking at the rest of the world, it seems like your best bet is to move to Russia or reevaluate your Christmas priorities.

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