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The Cheapest Weekends to Book a Hotel for Every Month in 2020

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by Matthew Meltzer Jan 27, 2020

Even though we’re nearly a month into the year already, your 2020 trip planning is probably still not done. Sure, you read about all the great places to go in 2020, and the even cooler places to stay, but with a bank account still depleted from the holidays and the drudgery of late-winter in full swing, perhaps your vacation motivation hasn’t been especially high.

Even with limited resources, though, you can still look forward to some short weekend getaways where traveling won’t cost you much. Hotwire examined the average hotel rates across every weekend of the year and found the weekends of each month when hotel prices will be the lowest. The results aren’t what you’d expect.

For example, if you’ve been mulling over a trip home for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but weren’t especially excited about sleeping in your parents’ new Active Living condo, you’ll be thrilled to hear those weekends are the cheapest to stay in May and June, respectively.

Ditto for Thanksgiving, when you can escape your family and slip into a food coma in your own private hotel room as that’s the cheapest weekend in November.

Other surprisingly cheap weekends: Fourth of July leads that month with average rates at just over $130 a month. Labor Day leads usually cheap September at $128.50. And Halloween is the cheapest weekend in October, with the October 30-November 1 weekend averaging $129.80. It’s possible that people just assume these weekends are going to be super expensive, so they don’t book them, and then the hotels have unsold rooms.

The rest of the year breaks down like this:

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  • January 31 – February 2 (Groundhog Day) — $108.52
  • February 28 – March 1 (Leap Day) — $119.51
  • April 10-12 — $117.54
  • May 8-10 (Mother’s Day) — $120.12
  • June 19-21 (Father’s Day) — $127.40
  • July 3-5 (Fourth of July) — $133.42
  • August 21-23 — $130.12
  • September 4-6 (Labor Day) — $128.50
  • October 30-November 1 (Halloween) — $129.80
  • November 27-29 (Thanksgiving) — $109.15
  • December 18-20 — $102.91

Hotwire found the average weekend price for the year to be about $125, so while these might not be THE cheapest weekends of the year to travel, if you’ve got a month you’re itching to get out of town, now you know the best time to go. Because even though it seems like 2020 just got underway, Thanksgiving will be back around before you know it. And won’t it be fun to tell everyone over dinner how you snagged a room for just over $100?

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