Check This Idaho Sheriff's Hilarious 'Warning' to Solar Eclipse Visitors

by David Miller Aug 21, 2017

Most posts about the Great American Solar Eclipse have been earnest information to viewers such as the dangers of looking at the sun. Sheriff Rene Rodriguez of Lincoln County Idaho took a slightly different approach.

In a multi-point rant, the sheriff basically went off on a litany of tiresome tourist misbehavior–everything from approaching wildlife (and pets in the backs of pickup trucks), to gaping at armed locals, to failing to differentiate public vs. private land.

Check some of the highlights:

6. Our wildlife will kill you and it will hurt the whole time you are dying. Elk, moose, bison, and grizzly bears take great pleasure in playing hacky sack with tourists that get too close. They are wild animals and are not trained circus acts. If you must harass our wildlife, may I suggest you go catch a badger. They are really good cuddlers.

Have to commend the sheriff here. The sheer amount of people approaching and/or being inconsiderate around wildlife is mind boggling.

7. Our weather will kill you and yes it will hurt the whole time. It snows here every month of the year. Our back roads become death traps when it rains or snows. Your Prius isn’t an offroad vehicle, so stay on the pavement. Don’t make our brave and skilled First Responders have to go looking for you when you go exploring.

I actually applaud people who treat their Prius (and or minivan) as an ORV, but again, the sheriff is dead on about year round snow in the Rockies and putting First Responders at risk.

5. Our dogs. Our dogs ride in the back of our trucks and they like it. Sure a few slow learners take a tumble every once in a while, but for the most part they do just fine. Don’t pet them while they are in the truck. They will bite you. Numerous times if possible. The truck is their’s not your’s and they take their security duties seriously. Again, don’t panic and don’t call the police because they don’t give a damn and they are probably going to be busy saving some tourist who received incorrect map directions from their Tom-Tom.

Check out the full post here, and definitely be safe and respectful out there as visitors.

h/t: St. George, Utah

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