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This Company Will Give You a Vacation Discount if You Put Your Phone Down

by Dayana Aleksandrova Feb 23, 2021

As we spent the majority of 2020 eagerly following the latest news and doom-scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, the use of electronic devices has skyrocketed. At the beginning of the pandemic, on March 25, 2020, Forbes reported that all internet hits increased between 50 and 70 percent. From viral TikTok dance challenges to Instagram bread-baking videos, many have become absolutely hooked on their screens as sources of much-needed escape, connection, and entertainment.

In an effort to encourage people to put down their devices and reconnect with nature and each other, Club Wyndham, one of the largest vacation ownership clubs in America, is piloting an Unplugging Pledge just in time for the upcoming National Day of Unplugging.

The National Day of Unplugging takes place on March 5-6. Participants are encouraged to go on a hike, enjoy good food, engage in arts and crafts, play board games, or spend quality time with their loved ones instead of being glued to their phones. Club Wyndham is taking the initiative a step further by offering prizes to those who participate in their 2021 pledge.

Starting today through March 5, travelers who track their daily screen time and prove that they’ve decreased it by 25 percent will receive a 25 percent discount towards select properties for future travel.

Club Wyndham offers deals on over 230 vacation properties across the United States. The discount applies to four specific resorts that are participating. Those include:

Travelers are invited to go on a scenic hike through the Smoky Mountains, go on a kayaking trip through the pristine lagoons of Edisto Beach at Club Wyndham Ocean Ridge, and go horseback riding through the Ozark region at Club Wyndham Branson at The Meadows. The challenge comes just in time for spring break and can be an option both for families and solo travelers.

So, if you think you can manage without your favorite cat videos for a little while, the vacation of your dreams at a value price might just be in store for you.

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