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These Companies Are Hiring Employees to Travel the World

Travel Jobs
by Tim Wenger Mar 26, 2018

Want to hit the road without taking time off? Job recruitment website Glassdoor has a few ideas for you. The site has built its brand on going deeper than the average job board, including features such as company reviews which give applicants a better feel for what they’re getting into before sending off their resume. The company has caught wind of, and responded to, the increasingly blurred lines between work and travel in certain fields and responded in kind by noting companies that will essentially pay you to travel. This recently released list of 12 big companies that are hiring for positions around the world features jobs you’d expect, like flight attendant, and some you wouldn’t — like account reps. Here is the rundown.

Hotel and lodging

Marriott International is looking to fill positions in various departments from sales to food and beverage to concierge. Hilton is also in need of various positions, seeking skilled positions such as Sous Chef and Revenue Management Analyst, along with more general titles such as Guest Service Agent.


If free flights and plenty of airtime appeal to you, check out Glassdoor’s postings from American Airlines and Delta, both of which are looking for airline crew and on-the-ground positions. If relocating to Germany appeals to you, Lufthansa is seeking to fill various management positions, as well as cabin crew.

Other travel and tourism companies

The Walt Disney Company is searching for pros in accounting, business development, and other positions to fill roles in cities from New York to Bangkok to Hong Kong and more. Online travel agent Expedia is looking for engineers, management, and associates in a number of major cities worldwide. How about working to grow the UberEATS platform? The ride-sharing service has dozens of positions open around the globe.

Tech brands with big ambitions

Deloitte, an account firm with clients around the world, needs to fill positions in numerous major cities in the US including Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Boston, and more. Consultant firm McKinsey & Company are doing the same — but on a global scale. How does a gig in Bogota, Colombia, Hong Kong, or Milan sound?

Polish off your resume and check out the rest of the list here. Who knows — you could be off to the other side of the world before next month’s rent is due.

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