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This Company Will Send You Anywhere in the World if You Quit Your Job

by Tim Wenger Apr 12, 2019

If you’ve officially had it with your current job and are thinking of giving it all up to become a nomad, just hold on a little bit longer. Travel and outdoor brand Eagle Creek, in conjunction with G Adventures, is offering five beleaguered workers an all-expenses-paid, two- or three-week trip to wherever it is they most want to go in the world.

Eagle Creek will tour nine cities across the United States for auditions. The audition consists of one question, and your odds of winning are entirely dependent on your ability to answer it better than anyone else: “If you could quit your job tomorrow and travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?” The tour to find the five winners kicks off in Austin, Texas, on April 13, and continues across the country to both coasts through May and June. Find a list of dates on Eagle Creek’s website.

When a winner is selected by the brand’s panel of “travel experts,” they will have six to eight weeks to pack their things and be ready to jet. “We truly believe that travel changes you,” Eagle Creek’s President Roger Spatz said in a press release announcing the contest. “You always come back different. We want to inspire more people to break their routine, maybe take a short leave from their job and get out of town. Not everyone can quit — and we know that — but everyone can explore the world around them a little more, and maybe even make the world a better place.”

In advance of the auditions, Eagle Creek put together a bundle of study materials to help you in your quest to earn a spot, which the brand aptly dubbed the “Tools to Quit.” Among them are a Powerpoint presentation to give your boss about why you really need to travel and a pre-written letter of resignation to hand over once they tells you that your wanderlust is none of the company’s business. In case you’re stressing about how to pay the bills after this meeting, the brand wants you to know that quitting your job is more of a marketing headline than a requirement. You’re eligible to enter as long as you can take a two-week trip.


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