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Copenhagen Transformed Its Iconic Attractions Into Kindergartens

by Tim Wenger May 18, 2020

Scandinavian countries are known for developing creative and effective solutions to societal problems at large. So it’s no surprise that Copenhagen, Denmark, has developed a definitively Scandinavian solution to providing childcare for some overwhelmed parents during the COVID-19 pandemic: The city is turning many of its most popular public attractions into temporary kindergartens.

The beautiful Tivoli Gardens amusement park and FC Copenhagen football stadium, along with the Copenhagen Zoo and the National Museum of Denmark, have opened their doors to children between the ages of three and six. The kids get to hang out and experience the cultural attractions, learning and lunch included.

Though schools in Copenhagen have reopened following the worst of the pandemic, the city deemed additional measures necessary after it was determined that social distancing requirements would prevent schools from being able to accommodate all of their students. Fortunately, those in charge of the public spaces rose to the challenge.

“We are almost ready with all our institutions, but it is with limited capacity,” said Jesper Christensen, Mayor of Copenhagen’s Children and Youth Administration, in a public statement about the decision. “That is why we need to be creative and here I am pleased to find that our large cultural companies, housing associations and sports institutions are willing to step in.”

Social distancing measures will be followed at each of the temporary facilities, with each child receiving 12 square feet of space. All activities throughout the day happen outside whenever possible, and the areas are being strictly maintained for cleanliness and sanitation. “Our teachers and educators right now are making a huge effort to send our children back safely and safely, and here we can help them a bit,” said Katja Moesgaard, the COO of the FC Copenhagen football club, in the public statement. “We have a responsibility for educating the Copenhageners.”

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