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Couple Criticized for Hanging Out of a Moving Train for an Insta Shot

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by Eben Diskin Mar 4, 2019

It’s pretty clear by now that people will do pretty much anything for a good Instagram photo. Whether it’s endangering their health or safety, or breaking the law, there are very few things social media addicts won’t do to get that perfect photo. This travel blogging couple exemplified this trend when they took a photo of themselves dangling out of a moving train in Sri Lanka, while it was traveling through the small town of Ella. After Raquel and Miguel, influencers from Portugal, posted the photo on their Instagram, many are criticizing the couple and calling the shot irresponsible.


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Although the couple has claimed that the train was moving slowly, and that the situation wasn’t as dangerous as it looks, one slip would have resulted in Raquel falling not only off the train, but seemingly down a steep ravine. So far, the picture has accumulated over 43,000 likes, and a few less-than-impressed comments decrying the dangerous stunt.

One commenter wrote, “You’d risk your life just for a picture? Just so you can upload it on social media? Or do you do this because this gives you ‘the rush’? How is this sensible?” Another said, “Insanely stupid stunt. You two will end up dead if you keep this clout chasing up.” Some even criticized Miguel for putting his girlfriend in danger, to which Raquel responded on Instagram, “The guy didn’t put me in danger, I’m pretty independent and I do what I feel comfortable with.”

But the couple insists they did not risk their lives and that the train was running very slowly.

In July 2018, three travel influencers died at Shannon Falls in British Columbia, Canada, and an Instagram couple fell to their deaths from Yosemite’s Taft Point in October 2018.

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