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Cross-Border Couples Reunite in Denmark, With Love Letters as Passes

by Dayana Aleksandrova May 26, 2020

Denmark is allowing couples separated by the lockdown to reunite as long as they present evidence of their relationship, such as love letters or photos. The country’s international borders closed on March 14, separating many lovers indefinitely.

The new ease of travel restrictions will only admit those who have been with a Dane for six months or longer. Currently, only Danish partners from the Nordic countries and Germany can take advantage of the restriction ease, leaving those separated by larger distances in suspense.

In order to be allowed across the border, couples need to present police officers with shared texts, photos, and personal information confirming their romantic bond. The announcement has been met with an outcry over privacy concerns. “I realize these are very intimate things, but the decision to let in the partner ultimately rests on the judgment of the individual police officer,”Allan Dalager Clausen, deputy police chief, told Danish broadcaster DR.

Partners living within close proximity to either side of the Danish border have resorted to creative measures. Elderly couples have been spotted on the Danish-German border having coffee and holding hands over the barriers.

One of the pandemic’s many unintended consequences might be the return of the tradition of love letters, documenting these emotionally-charged and uncertain times, and serving as future evidence to help reunite separated loved ones.

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