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Deadly Typhoon Strikes Japan, Shutting Down an Osaka Airport

by Tim Wenger Sep 4, 2018

A massive typhoon hit western Japan near the city of Osaka on Tuesday, causing massive flooding and killing at least six people. The storm, named Typhoon Jebi, is the strongest storm to hit Japan since 1993. Wind speeds hit up to 130 miles per hour, knocking out power for over 1.3 million people.

Kansai International Airport, located off of the main island in Osaka Bay, saw waters pummel one of its two runways, as well as multiple areas of the airport, which have since been temporarily shut down. More than 700 flights have been cancelled and 5,000 people were stranded in and around the airport, according to The Japan Times. High winds caused by the storm also pushed an oil tanker into a bridge that connects to the airport, which will remain shut down until at least Wednesday.

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The Japanese government ordered the immediate evacuation of more than 16,000 residents across nine cities, and encouraged another 1.2 million people to prepare for evacuation in 10 prefectures in southern Japan, according to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency and as reported by The New York Times. Numerous train lines have been shut down.

This summer has been particularly tough on Japan, which in July saw both massive landslides and flooding that killed over 200 people, and intense heat waves killing an additional 130 people. Tuesday marked the 24th birthday for Kansai International Airport’s international terminal, which has helped it grow into Japan’s third busiest airport.

H/T: The Japan Times

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