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Deepest Wreck Dive Ever Explores Lost WWII Ship

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Apr 6, 2021

An American exploration team has just completed a landmark dive exploring deeper than any human or submersible has before to gather footage of one of history’s most notable shipwrecks.

The Texas-based undersea technology company Caladan Oceanic surveyed the remains of the USS Johnston — a US Navy Destroyer from World War II that lies over 21,325 feet underwater off Samar Island in the Philippines. The mission, which included two eight-hour dives in a submersible, was completed at the end of last month and captured unique video and photographic footage of the vessel.

“Just completed the deepest wreck dive in history, to find the main wreckage of the destroyer USS Johnston. We located the front 2/3 of the ship, upright and intact, at a depth of 6,456 meters. Three of us across two dives surveyed the vessel and gave respects to her brave crew,” Caladan Oceanic’s founder Victor Vescovo said on Twitter. Vescovo piloted the submersible with the help of his team.

US Navy records from World War II state that only 141 of 327 of the ship’s crew survived. The expedition team found two intact five-inch gun turrets, many gun mounts, and torpedo racks.

The vessel was originally explored in 2019 during an expedition and later became an object of interest to Caledon Oceanic. Thanks to new cutting-edge submersible technology, Caledon Oceanic were able to observe the USS Johnston during the recent dive, delivering us the first-ever images of the wreck.

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