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Drunk Person in Italy Accidently Hikes Up a Snowy Mountain Thinking He’s Walking Back to Hotel

by Katie Scott Aiton Apr 10, 2018

This is one drunken tale that we think most people can agree: we’ve not all been there. According to Italian news outlet La Stampa, an Estonian man, known as Pavel, took a wrong turn while heading home to the Italian resort of Cervinia and ended up ascending an Alpine mountain.

It was reported that Pavel believed he was sauntering up a rather snowy street, instead of climbing up one of the resort’s ski runs towards the summit.

After reaching one of the venues that tower over the resort, bar and restaurant Igloo, Pavel managed to break in to the establishment and find some bottled water from the bar to rehydrate from his hike.

Unknown to Pavel, a search party was established in the resort below, where people took to foot and drones were launched in an effort to find the missing man.

Pavel took refuge in the bar and was found the following morning by the staff of Igloo. It was reported he was fast asleep on one of the benches.

Like most incidents where the authorities are called out for a search and where the individual has put themselves in danger, it is expected that Pavel will receive a fine for his actions.

Although this story could easily have ended badly, we have a feeling Pavel will be recounting this saga for some time.

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