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Where to Eat and Drink at Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport

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by Nickolaus Hines Apr 12, 2019

Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport is just 14 kilometers (about 8.5 miles) from the city. It’s convenient and easy to navigate — a blessing you won’t get at many of the other top 15 largest airports in the world. And when it comes to eating, it’s more than easy to get the right foods to keep your future jet lag at bay (although if you just want a drink and some fried food, that’s easy to find as well). It’s also one of the only airports in the world where getting fish isn’t a mistake.

These are the best places to eat and drink in every section of Schiphol International Airport.

Pre Security

Café Rembrandt: Taking its name from the famous artist from the Netherlands, Café Rembrandt has the vibe of a typical Dutch cafe to get one last taste before you head out. Sandwiches, soups, omelettes, and breads are on the menu to fill you up and make your jaunt through security a little less draining.

Crossroads: A variety of foods from a restaurant that has nothing to do with the Bone Thugs N Harmony song “Crossroads.” There are Dutch pancakes, American hot dogs, and dishes that draw from Nordic and Basque cuisines. You can eat at Crossroads anytime, as it’s open 24/7.

Per Tutti: It’s hard to go wrong with a pre-flight pizza. Per Tutti has grab-and-go options if you’re running late, or you can sit in and enjoy some pizza, pastas, or salads.

Lounge One

Bubbles Seafood and Wine Bar: Depart the country in style with some sparkling wine. This Champagne bar has all the bubbly you could ask for, and you can pair it with seafood like fresh oysters, sushi, or, of course, the Netherlands’ famous salted herring.

Leon: A beloved British chain, this outpost is the first Leon in continental Europe. The food is on the healthier side of fast, with options like kale and peanut salad, grilled chicken, and baked fries.

La Place: While nothing beats a true farmers market, you can get out of the airport headspace for a bit at La Place, which is part fresh bread and fruit market, part Italian-inspired restaurant.

Upper Floor Bar: Get above it all with beer, wine, or a cocktail (or all three) while you look down at the people scrambling like ants searching for their gate. Also has quick snacks if you’re looking to keep your hunger at bay while you drink.

Two Tigers: A sushi and ramen noodle bar that’s fast without losing too much quality.

Lounge Two

Heineken Bar: Maybe you went for it and did the Heineken experience in Amsterdam, and maybe you still can’t get enough of the city’s most famous beer. Heineken Bar is like a bar from the future dropped into an airport where you can sip your beer in peace while staring at the screen on the interactive bar and tabletops.

Moods: Comfort food with a big mood. Beer, burgers, eggs, and fresh juice.

Street Food Market: A collection of three restaurants bundled together like a traditional street food market. There’s The Oven (pizza), The Grill (meat and vegetables), and The Market (ready made items like Dutch-style cakes).

Lounge Three

Bread!: The explanation point in the name says it all. This place is about bread and everything that goes between two slices.

Vit: Detox and recharge with fresh juices, smoothies, and natural food-based meals.

D Pier

Harvest Market: The freshest sight you’ll see in the sterile environment of the airport. Open 24/7, Harvest Market has light breakfast foods like cereal and fruit, quick lunches like sandwiches, and more filling options like steak and pizza.

Murphy’s Irish Pub: Irish pubs are everywhere in this world, and you always know what to expect. Murphy’s is no different. Grab a Murphy’s stout and some bar food.

Holland Boulevard

Tastes from the Lowlands: All Dutch everything. Dutch wine and beer, Dutch snacks like croquettes, Dutch pastries — you name it.

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