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The Most Expensive and the Cheapest Vacation Destinations in the World

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by Henry Miller Jan 11, 2018

Looking for a cheap getaway in 2018? Well, the first thing you should do is avoid visiting Western Europe and North America. According to an annual report by Hoppa that sampled 100 worldwide locations, these regions are home to the top 10 most expensive tourist destinations in the world. Hoppa measured this by calculating the average costs of a visit per person per night, including accommodation, meals, drinks, taxi fares, and “unexpected medical costs.” In contrast, the cheapest destinations can be found across the globe, with cities in North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe making up the top 10 cheapest destinations. If you are just looking for cheap dinners and a practically free sixer of brewskis, however, it is time to buy your ticket to Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Photo: hoppa

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