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Father Rescues Toddler From Dingo Attack in Australia

by Eben Diskin Apr 19, 2019

On Thursday night, a toddler was attacked by two dingoes in a remote area of Queensland’s Fraser Island in Australia. The boy’s family had been camping in K’gari when the dingoes broke into their campervan while they slept and dragged the toddler from his bed.

According to paramedic Ben Du Toit, the parents “awoke with the toddler crying and heard the crying getting further away from the campervan.” The father ran outside, fought off the dingoes, and rescued his son from one of their jaws. Unfortunately, the toddler is still in the hospital with a fractured skull and cuts to his head and neck. He remains in a children’s hospital in Brisbane, where he is considered to be in stable condition.

Dingoes are very common on Fraser Island, where they are protected by law for unique genetic makeup. Although the animals look like cute dogs, they are wild and should not be approached or fed. Parents are advised to keep their children close when on the island.

This is the third dingo attack on the island this year. In January, a six-year-old boy was bitten on the legs and, in February, a nine-year-old-boy and his mother were also bitten.

H/T: The Guardian

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