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Finally, KFC Is Giving Us Chicken and Waffles

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by Eben Diskin Jun 20, 2018

You’ll never have to decide between breakfast and lunch again, now that chicken and waffles is on its way to a drive-thru near you. That’s right, fried chicken and waffles is KFC’s newest menu item. In a statement, KFC’s senior marketing director said, “We know that chicken and waffles has a cult following across the country, especially in the south, but not everyone has it available close by.”

Indeed, chicken and waffles is a common brunch option in select restaurants in some parts of the country. It’s not the first chicken-themed marketing ploy attempted by KFC. Their fried chicken bath bombs, which made you smell like fried chicken, certainly pushed the limits of chicken innovation. Chicken and waffles, we suspect, might be a bit more palatable.

The menu item will debut on June 18th, and be available through June 29th in North Carolina. Pending its popularity, KFC will determine whether to continue the promotion, or expand its availability. And the best news? It won’t make you smell like fried chicken — unless, of course, you eat it for all three meals, in which case we don’t blame you.

H/T: Thrillist

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