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North Carolina attracts visitors to its eastern coast for the beach, the Outer Banks, its western border to hike and hunt in the Appalachian mountains, and to central Piedmont to listen to Bluegrass and eat barbecue.

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Couch surf in Ashville, visit UNC or Duke, through hike the AT, or visit the city where the Wright Brothers flew their first plane. And eat some barbecue.

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North Carolina

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Exploring North Carolina from the Mountains to Sea Trail with the Mirnavator

There are only a handful of long trails in the US, and only one Mountains to Sea Trail: 1,100 miles from Blue Ridge to the Outer Banks! Whether you're trail running or just enjoying the view from your hammock, the Mountains to Sea Trail puts you in touch with a story that goes all the way through North Carolina. Join the Mirnavator on this easy- to-plan and family-friendly adventure.

North Carolina

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North Carolina

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