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Finland Is a Filthy Country. It Has 490 Places Named Shit Pond.

Finland Maps + Infographics
by Morgane Croissant Apr 16, 2018

When we think of Finland, we think of beautiful snowy landscapes, remote islands, and surreal night skies. When Redditor brandsetter thinks of Finland, all he has in mind are shit ponds.

Indeed, a few months ago, brandsetter took it upon himself to tag all the places in Finland whose names translate to “Shit Pond” and, with the help of some other Reddit users, managed to locate 490 spots named Paskalampi, Paskolampi, Paskalammi, and Paskolammi.

But because 490 spots named Shit Pond is not enough for Finns to satisfy their dirty streak, they also have come up with an unusually large number of obscene toponyms such as “Fart Lake”, “Boob Islands”, and “Fuck Pond” as proves the map below shared by Redditor Lazar Taxon over the weekend.

Although some may have a practical purpose — everybody has now been warned about taking a trip to Paskaloma, AKA “Shit vacation” or swimming in “Shit Pond” or “Piss Lake” — we don’t really understand how the Finns came up with “Shitting while running” and “Dog penis ditch”.

You can rest assured that Finland is not alone in its deviance. Indeed, there many countries with dirty place names; Canada has “Dildo” in Newfoundland, Austria’s got “Fucking”, France has “Montcuq” (which translates as “My ass”) and “Anus”, and even Antarctica, whom we thought was beyond all this childish nonsense, has “Dick Peaks”.

Does your home country have dirty place names?

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